Ongoing AWARE speculation


Towards the end of last year 2016 the details of the second aware study, and its ongoing recruitment progress, were removed from the public database at UKCRN. This led to some worry and speculation among followers as to what was going on with the study. An interesting piece was put up by fellow blogger and clinician Ben Williams.

Secret Squirrel

There is reference made to some discovered PowerPoint / presentation slides that appear to infer a necessary intervention in the study to improve the patient recruitment.

Without official news or statements, we can only wait for the original published study end date to pass, considered to be May. I expect some form of update in the summer.

It is worth noting that in October, Dr Sam Parnia (chief clinical coordinator in the study) was interviewed on American talk show “The Dr Oz show”.

Dr Parnia’s demeanour and enthusiasm would suggest that he is buoyed by the AWARE study progress so far. There are interesting points put across by Parnia in this show, not least his belief that all people entering clinical death have similar special experiences with only some actually remembering.

More on the implications of this another time….


One thought on “Ongoing AWARE speculation

  1. This blog appears to be an excellent addition to the thought and writing on NDEs in particular. Thanks for producing it. As a fellow intelligent inquirer with an open mind, such discoveries are always a breath of fresh air.

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